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51. Don’t max out your credit cards:   If you have to carry a balance on your credit card, always try to leave a cushion rather than maxing it out. That way your fees and interest charges are less likely to push your card over the limit and cause addition charges for penalties. Those charges…

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41. Use multiple bank accounts:   It’s really hard to manage your money if you keep it all in one account. A good plan is to have one account for saving, one for your day to day spending, and one for your bills. If you can possibly manage it, set the savings account up so you…

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101 Tips to Help Improve your Credit and Decrease Your Debt – Tips 31 – 40

31. Pay down payday loans in steps:   If you do have payday loans, don’t try to break yourself by going cold turkey. Most people who use these services can’t afford to pay all the money back on one paycheck. Instead, write a slightly smaller check each time. If you borrow $500 one paycheck, try to…

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101 Tips to Help Improve your Credit and Decrease Your Debt – Tips 21 – 30

21. Watch out for introductory rates: Lots of credit cards hit you with this one. They’ll advertise an absolutely fantastic interest rate for the first six months or year, then hit you with a massive rate increase that will send your payments skyrocketing. The introductory rate doesn’t matter at all, what matters is the rate…

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101 Tips to Help Improve your Credit and Decrease Your Debt – Tips 11 – 20

11. Communicate with lenders:   This is a tip that many debtors ignore. Your creditors only want your money, and most of them are more than happy to work with you so long as they get their money in the end. The catch is that you have to keep them in the loop. Telling them…

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101 Tips to Help Improve your Credit and Decrease Your Debt – Tips 1 – 10

1. Pay your bills first: It’s important to put the money aside to pay your bills as soon as you get paid. This will ensure that you have enough money to pay them. Don’t spend any money at all until you’ve put the money aside for your bills. Since most of your day to day…

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Tips That Will Help You Figure Out Your Financial Future

Your success in attaining your goals is directly tied to keeping your personal finances in order. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to properly manage their finances. This article will provide you with some information that, if followed, will help you keep your finances in order. As with any industry, there are some financial companies…

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Financial Literacy Levels Are Low Among Millennials

According to a recent FINRA Investor Education Foundation study, millennials are displaying very low levels of financial literacy, engage in problematic financial behaviors and express concerns about their debt. The study showed that a mere 24% are able to answer four or five questions correctly on a five-question financial literacy quiz. And only 18% of…

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6 Things to Consider That Will Help You Gain Control Of Your Personal Finances

If you’ve been afraid to look at your personal finances lately, you can stop worrying now. This article will give you several pointers that will allow you to begin improving your financial situation. By reading and applying the advice below, you can start resolving your financial problems and stop feeling overwhelmed. 1. If you smoke,…

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8 Tips To Help You Learn More About Life Insurance

Although people either avoid thinking about it, or think it is too expensive, life insurance is an important entity to consider. And saving money on life insurance can be simple. By doing something as easy as obtaining quotes from a couple of different agents, you can save money and gain trust in your agent. By…

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