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6 Things to Consider That Will Help You Gain Control Of Your Personal Finances

If you’ve been afraid to look at your personal finances lately, you can stop worrying now. This article will give you several pointers that will allow you to begin improving your financial situation. By reading and applying the advice below, you can start resolving your financial problems and stop feeling overwhelmed. 1. If you smoke,…

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8 Tips To Help You Learn More About Life Insurance

Although people either avoid thinking about it, or think it is too expensive, life insurance is an important entity to consider. And saving money on life insurance can be simple. By doing something as easy as obtaining quotes from a couple of different agents, you can save money and gain trust in your agent. By…

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Six Suggestions To Help Improve Your Finances

Here are some suggestions to help improve your finances Are you feeling the need to change your personal financial situation but are at a loss to figure out how to do it? If so, this article can help you look at various opportunities to consider that can help you manage your finances better. Be sure…

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Having More Money Than Month

We have a unique situation in 21st century. With the invention of digital money with situation where we are spending money that we don’t really see. It wasn’t so long ago, that when you purchase something you could see the cash coming out of your pocket. In today’s economy you don’t see the cash coming…

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Take On The 7 Day Challenge To Stop Spending Too Much

So, it’s 6 days before your next paycheck and your bank balance is flat-lined! Where did all your money go? How did you spend so much, on so little, so quickly? You know the old adage – out of sight, out of mind? Well, in these days of electronic banking, it has never been truer….

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4 Things To Consider Before You Lend Money To Your Family

Sure, we all want to help those we love. None of us likes to see our family members struggle financially. But it behooves us to make sure that we are helping them in a positive way, and not creating a culture of dependency. It goes without saying that those of us approaching retirement are often…

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6 Pitfalls To Watch Out For To Avoid Spending Too Much Money

Okay, we all have done it. You structure a budget that is something you can live with, but suddenly… wham! Something happens and you give in to the siren call of the impulse buy, wrecking your whole budget. As they say, forewarned is forearmed. With that in mind, check out these 6 pitfalls and some…

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10 Marketing Tips For Advisors That Are Easily Implemented – Tips 6 – 10

6. Hit the phones Cold calling is back! However, these days, it’s not about “dialing for dollars.” Instead, it’s about identifying your target market and figuring out how best to approach it. Do your research first! Find out all you can about the market; what makes it tick and, most importantly, what are the opportunities…

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10 Marketing Tips For Advisors That Are Easily Implemented – Tips 1 – 5

Throughout your career, you can find yourself facing several paths to choose from and many difficult choices. Don’t waste time trying to find the perfect moment to choose the perfect path, hoping it was the correct choice.  Because selecting the perfect strategic path to follow is not as important as choosing a practical path and…

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4 Tips To Help Maximize Your Income Today

We all know that a retirement plan typically focuses on investing money for the long term. This strategy relies on high returns on these investments over the years and encourages minimizing expenses to free up more money to contribute to your plan. But what if you could create a sustainable income today to create more…

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